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nacsolutions was formed in October 2018 by Neil Court, the former Head of Compliance UK, at the GLAA (Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority). Neil began his career in the Met Office (Ministry of Defence) before moving on to the Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) becoming a fraud investigator and then a fraud manager for over 20 years. During that time he was part of the benefit fraud team known as AIT (Agricultural Investigation Team), dealing with suppliers and their gangmasters (labour providers) within the Lincolnshire area.

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Temporary Labour Working Group

During the latter part of his DWP career in 2002 he was seconded to the TLWG (Temporary Labour Working Group) an industry consortium composed of government departments, retailers and other bodies including Trade Unions. This group introduced a scheme in the Agricultural sector which Neil project managed, persuading businesses supplying labour to participate in voluntary licensing by demonstrating compliance
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Ethical First

Leaving DWP in 2003 Neil worked as a consultant for Ethical First, a specialist business providing advice and guidance to retailers & suppliers of all aspects of temporary labour within supply chains.


Up until the end of December 2018 Neil successfully led a team of highly experienced and professional investigators as the Head of Compliance UK. His role was to undertake and manage all aspects of inspectorate activity for the organisation from applications for licences to complex compliance investigations. Using his detailed knowledge and experience of workers’ rights issues and legislation as part of the GLAA Standards, he has provided much needed advice and guidance both internally and externally to many individuals and stakeholders. A lot of work within his time at the GLAA was with most of the major retailers. He was influential in the production and subsequent revision of the Suppliers and Retail Protocol a document that was launched by the then Home Secretary, Theresa May in 2015.

In 2017 he worked with industry partners to produce and launch a short film on spotting the signs of Modern Slavery within supply chains. He was also involved with Nottinghamshire Councils, businesses, churches, charities and the Police, in raising awareness of modern slavery and a pledge to eradicate it in Nottinghamshire. Just before leaving the GLAA Neil was working with industry stakeholders on the production of a Good Practice Guide to spot and report Modern Slavery and to prevent risk at all levels within businesses. Neil is a dedicated and professional individual who cares passionately about the work he does at all times. He is very well respected throughout the industry he has worked in for many years and has many contacts of a similar professional nature in various businesses within the UK and abroad.



Risk Assessment

Assess risk within supply chains with regard to labour and recruitment

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Supply Chain

General retailer/supplier advice and guidance on the use of labour within supply chains (including any enforcement matters)

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Provide expert advice and guidance on all GLAA (Gangmaster and Labour Abuse Authority) related matters, including Modern Slavery issues.

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Modern Slavery Statement

Modern Slavery Statement advice and guidance

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Training on Workers’ Rights issues GLAA Standards and Modern Slavery awareness

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Practical advice and guidance on compliance within labour supply (temporary or direct labour)

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Internal Fraud Investigation (within labour supply)

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Audit Chain

Provide Labour supply advice and audit services

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Industry Standards

Good Practice Guides and Risk Documents

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More About Services

Risk Assessment

• Have you mapped out or considered risks within your supply chain?

• Do you know how to spot the signs of exploitation and/or Modern Slavery?

• Would you know how to report and deal with any issues of concern within your supply chain?

• Are you confident that your brand and business is fully protected against the risk of exploitation and modern slavery?

• Need any help or tips on spotting the signs?

Call now we can help you identify any risk areas and find ways to ensure protection.


• Do you need advice and guidance about the use of agency labour providers?

• Do you have concerns about the supply of labour within your supply chain?

• Are you about to engage the services of a new Labour Provider?

• Would you like a “health check” of your labour suppliers and/or recruiters?

We can provide a thorough and detailed check of all labour providers identifying any areas of concern or risk and outlining any remedial action that is required. We can also provide help and guidance on any identified issue or concern raised by enforcement agencies or regulatory bodies.


• Do you need help with your application for a GLAA Licence?

• Do you need help and/or guidance on any GLAA related issue?

• Do you need advice on how to stay compliant with the GLAA Standards as part of your ongoing licence?

• Are you subject to an ongoing investigation by the GLAA and need some guidance?

We can help with providing expert help, advice and guidance, about what you need to do, and how to ensure that you are and remain compliant at all times and retain your GLAA Licence.

Modern Slavery Statement

• Do you know when this is required and does your business have to have one?

• Do you know what this should contain?

• Do you need help and/or advice about completing this?

Call us now and we can provide the solution to meet your requirements in this crucial area of business risk.


• Are you comfortable that all within your business are trained to spot the signs of Modern Slavery and Exploitation?

• Do your staff know what to do if they suspect workers/colleagues are being exploited?

• Are managers/supervisors in need of refresher training in relation to conducting compliance audits/worker interviews?

We can help and have years of experience of conducting complex investigations and gathering evidence of non-compliance. We can work with small groups running compliance investigation courses looking at various scenarios to ensure staff have the confidence they need to ensure compliance is achieved at all times.


• Are you worried about any aspect of Compliance within your supply chain?

• Do you need help on any issue of defining the GLAA Standards?

• Do you need to ensure that your processes are fully compliant?

• Are you about to introduce a new process within your business and need to know if it will be accepted as compliant?

Call us and we can help you to ensure you are doing the right thing. We will find the answer for you and reduce or remove any risk of non-compliance

Internal Fraud

• Do you have concerns about certain individuals within your business?

• Have you discovered things that are not quite as you thought?

• Do you suspect that processes you have put in place are being exploited?

We can help to assess the situation and look into any matter providing advice and guidance on identifying & stopping the issue, referring the matter in serious cases and preventing it in the future

Supply Chain

• Is your supply chain fully mapped in all areas?

• Do you know where your greatest risk lies?

• How do you assess the risk within all areas and locations?

• Are you confident that your brand is fully protected in all areas of your supply chain?

We can help to look at your supply chain within all areas identifying risk and suggesting preventative measures and processes to protect you and others in the future.

Industry Standards

• Do you have standards or guides on Compliance and Modern Slavery but not sure they are fit for purposes?

• Do your guides need refreshing/revising/reviewing?

• Do you not have any of these but want to introduce a Good Practice Guide within your business and/or supply chain?

Let us help in the production and/or revision of your internal standards. Ensuring buy in by all within your business will help you identify issues and reduce risk, ensuring compliance.


Neil Court (Director)

Please contact me and I will get back to you shortly.

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